Grandmas Rule OK

In five weeks time, I’m going to be a grandmother for the third time. Its a role I love – and I’ve managed to get in plenty of training and practice with grandchildren numbers 1 and 2. It’s grand to [...]

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Role Reversal

A year ago I retired from a long-term part-time job, which gave me plenty of time for writing. I intended to transform my life and re-brand myself as a full-time professional writer.  So why have I written so little and [...]

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PEP Talk

It's been over 4 weeks since I finished my book.  I felt elated even though I knew it was only the first draft.  After 10 months and some 95,000 words, I needed a break from it, and decided not to [...]

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Downhill Run

You need to put words on pages to make books. It's more about quality than quantity but you must have both. And it takes time and hard work. Right now I'm focused on writing a new novel - my fourth [...]

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Book Reviews

Here are some recent reviews of my latest novel: ‘The Lost Journey Homeward’, published in June by Onwards & Upwards in Hardback (£16.99), Paperback (£9.99) and eBook (£5.99). The book also has a number of reviews posted by readers on [...]

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Talking to Professionals

It's always a challenge to give a informative entertaining talk to a group of people who have come to an event and are gathered to listen to what I say. Recently I was the Guest Speaker at the Autumn Lunch [...]

By |2015-09-29T18:16:30+01:0029th September 2015|Events, New Publication|
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