The Colours of Lockdown

In many cultures rainbows are a symbol of hope. They appear sometimes as perfect arcs, often during a rainstorm, when the sun shines onto water droplets, shattering its white light into an array of brilliant colours. Everyone loves a rainbow.  It produces that frisson of [...]

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Painted Birds

I love owls.  We live in the countryside, surrounded by fields with sheep, rabbits, mice and the occasional fox, and woods with deer, a few badgers and masses of birds which also inhabit our garden.  Sometimes at dusk, we  listen to owls hooting across the woods and fields, and  [...]

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All at Sea

My other half has decided to spend about three months this summer cruising in a small 32ft boat around the British Isles - some 2,500 miles. He has persuaded some other lunatics to join him at various points so he always [...]

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Rare Road Sign

I was driving along a country road in Somerset recently and I came across this delightful road sign, which I've not seen before. Ever since reading 'The Wind in the Willows', I've felt that toads were quirky, undignified and should [...]

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Good Riddance to January

January 2018 is memorable (or rather unmemorable) for having the longest number of sunless days and hours of any January since records began, so I'm told.  It was a dark, dismal, dank month - and - to add adverbs (now [...]

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My Dragon won’t Listen to me

At last my voice is beginning to return to how it used to be, though it still sounds pretty ragged to me at times.  I lost it back in April and  I'm disappointed that it is still strangely hoarse.   [...]

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Struck Dumb

Nine weeks ago I woke up, tried to say good morning to my darling husband and found I could not speak.  I couldn’t even to croak - nothing!  Very strange.  My vocal cords had gone AWOL.  The evening before, having [...]

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No Satisfactory Ending

I've just read a book by well-known author that was beautifully written, with an ingenious plot and memorable characters - but it did not have an ending. There was an intriguing story with tension, insights and twists but with no [...]

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