Free Friday

Free Friday is the one day each week when there is no employee, contractor or part-timer working at our home either in the office or on the land.  My ‘other half’ and I savour not having to get up early [...]

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Light-Bulb Moment

I lost my balance recently. Few of us care to admit having problems with mobility until it becomes obvious. I started falling over a lot. Luckily I’m expert at falling without hurting myself (I used to do ‘pratfalls’ as my [...]

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Passing the Spratly Islands

Over 50 years ago, I was living in SE Asia. When on leave from my teaching job in Thailand, I used to travel around the neighbouring countries. In 1970, I bought an inexpensive airline ticket with five destinations, one of [...]

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Vive la Difference

Big cities or small villages - I’ve lived in both - and I know which I prefer.  In my twenties and thirties I lived in Dublin, Bangkok, London and Bath, but I’ve remained for longer in villages - both in [...]

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Readership v Royalties

Readers are vital to writers, who are in the business of communication.  So writers should be wise enough, when writing their books, to keep the potential readers in mind, and to tell good stories that arouse their curiosity to keep [...]

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A Day of Words

On 29th March, I was giving a talk about my book, Dear Magpies, at the Blandford Literary Festival's Day of Words.  It took place in the Woodhouse Gardens Pavilion.  My talk was entitled: From Dorset with Love, because the novel [...]

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Over a Barrel

"We're out of gas - again!" The exasperation in my husband's voice yesterday was evident.  Like many people, we live in an area with no piped gas, and all our heating and hot water is provided by boilers that run on LPG (liquified petroleum gas) provided by [...]

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