Downhill Run

You need to put words on pages to make books. It's more about quality than quantity but you must have both. And it takes time and hard work. Right now I'm focused on writing a new novel - my fourth [...]

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Abbs and Acronyms

We hear a lot about Apps and rather less about Abbs, unless you happen to be into bodybuilding. People who talk about their abbs are generally into flaunting their well-toned abdominal muscles. But an ABB could be an abbreviation of [...]

By |2017-01-23T10:54:27+00:0021st January 2017|Work in Progress|

Winterborne Slepe

Winterborne Slepe is the name of an imaginary village in Dorset, where much of the action in my new book takes place. Whilst I was searching for an appropriate name, I drove through a small village in the eastern part [...]

By |2016-05-27T16:07:01+01:0027th May 2016|New Projects, Work in Progress|

Research It!

Some writers do all their research before starting their book but I’m one of those who do it as they go along. I want to be sure that I really need the information to assist my storytelling before I spend [...]

By |2015-05-05T12:45:40+01:0022nd February 2012|Work in Progress|

Change of Title

The title of my novel “A Day on the Fast Track” to be published next spring has been changed to “To the End of the Day”.  I came up with this after lots of discussion.  It more accurately reflects the [...]

By |2015-05-05T12:35:16+01:002nd December 2010|Work in Progress|
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