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I enjoyed Dear Magpies and I suppose reading it during the long lockdowns of the Covid pandemic, I could seriously empathise with protagonist, Josie Cuff who is estranged from her beloved grandchildren, her Magpies. It’s breaking her heart. Josie lives in a rural Dorset village, Winterbourne Slepe, and plays her part in the community. She is not well off and has to work hard to keep her head above water. She’s very pragmatic, but even this nature is disturbed by the feeling someone is watching her. She finally makes contact with her grandchildren, albeit kept secret from their mother, and Josie begins to unravel her family’s story. The story takes us to Colombia, South America and details of Josie’s life there and is well researched, colourful and interesting. As the correspondence develops, the intruder gets bolder and this intrigue adds suspense to the unfolding life story. This is an unusually story, beautifully written and most enjoyable.
Goodreads  5.7.21

Book explores pain of separation

Local author’s latest book looks at the topic of grandparents estrangement from their grandchildren. Eve Bonham launched her latest book, Dear Magpies, and Winstones Books in Sherborne. At a talk, she explained where her ideas had come from for the story of a woman who has been desperately searching for over 10 years for her grandchildren, who have disappeared on the other side of the world. Some years ago Eve became concerned about the problem of grandparents losing touch with their grandchildren, and the pain and distress this causes. They can be a very special bond between grandparents and grandchildren but occasionally they are denied access by the parents, or sometimes the children are taken to a different country in contact is broken. Sadly there is no legal right of access. Dear Magpies is written mostly as a series of letters from the main character to her grandchildren, using a nickname she always had for them. Her magpies have stolen her peace of mind. This is the first book of Eve Bonham’s books to be based in Dorset, though she herself has lived in a Dorset village for many years. She gave a short reading from her book and took questions from the audience

Western Gazette 28.11.19

Book Launch

On Thursday 21 Nove:nber at 6.30pm for 7.00pm at Winstone’s Sherborne, there is a Book Launch for Eve Bonham’s new novel ‘Dear Magpies‘. The book tells the tale of a courageous woman, Josie, in search o{ her long-lost grandchildren, recounting her life through a series of emails, as she fights to cling on to hope. The author will give a talk about her book and will answer questions and sign copies of the book. Do come along to meet Eve and celebrate the publication of her fourth book with a glass of wine and some nibbles.

The Conduit Magazine, November 2019

Book Round-Up

Your new favourite novel may be among these Dorset inspired publications. As Christmas approaches, we’ve compiled a round-up of the best new books in town, all written by local authors or set in local landscapes.

The latest novel by Dorchester-based author Eve Bonham follows a courageous woman in search of her long-lost grandchildren. Set in a sleepy Dorset village, Dear Magpies sees Josie Cuff attempting to trace the only family she has left, who have disappeared on the other side of the world. Josie writes letters to her grandchildren that may never be delivered, telling them about her turbulent life in South America and her dreams for a new life in the countryside. Yet things take a sinister turn when an intruder starts invading Josie’s home, and her hopes for a joyful family reunion begin to fade. Eve is the author of several books, including a short story collection and novels To The End of the Day and The Lost Journey Homeward. Published by SilverWood Books in November, Dear Magpies explores the ups and downs of life and love through the eyes of a devoted grandmother. Dear Magpies is now available for £9.99 from SilverWood Books, Amazon, and all good bookshops.

Dorset Echo 24.11.19

Heartache and Love 

Dear Magpies: When you have lost everything or everyone dear to you apart from your grandchildren, it is bad enough. The knowledge that your grandchildren are hidden from you would destroy many people. But the grandmother of her beloved magpies has an unquenchable faith and she is rewarded. Faith and perseverance – great read

Amazon Review:  Takapuna  3.2.20

Family Drama

With so many twists and turns in this story, I was hoping for a happy ending throughout. The novel includes a complex cast of characters who drive the narrative. The Lost Journey Homeward is an intricate study of fictional family dynamics. Well done, Eve Bonham.
Gail Aldwin, Author of ‘The String Games’

A Fascinating Family Saga

The Lost Journey Homeward. This is Eve Bonham’s most ambitious book to date-a complex and compelling family saga which draws on the biblical theme of the prodigal son, in this case cleverly transposed to the prodigal daughter. The father figure, Theo, dominates the story. All characters are linked to him either through family connections or less obvious and sometimes sinister events in his past. Theo is a powerful and rather awe inspiring character though one who is always sympathetic to the needs of others. He is someone we would all like to know and we stay with the story through its many twists and turns. The author’s descriptions of the countryside in which the family have their hotel are breathtakingly beautiful.
Arlene Ramasut. Cardiff

Reviews of The Lost Journey Homeward

A compelling story of sibling rivalry. I found myself completely immersed in the lives of the main characters and caring about the outcome. As with her other books and short stores, the author writes with great skill and passion. A perfect read.

Having read the author’s two previous books I was greatly looking forward to her latest novel. I found it to be quite different but equally well-written, thoughtful, and absorbing. The novel’s major theme explores a contemporary version of the Prodigal Son ( in this case, daughter) parable. The author weaves into this theme an exciting tale full of intrigue and twists and turns which kept me gripped until the end.

Having read Eve Bonham’s other books, I decided that I would have a look at this one as well. What a lovely surprise! It is a well-crafted book which is not only a real page turner as a suspense story, but also has another message threading through it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am buying another couple as Christmas presents. Well worth the read.

A complicated family story with many twists and turns that makes you wonder how they will be resolved. The son who has left home and family and the journey he takes is interwoven with loved ones and their stories. The threads are gathered together in a way that reminded me of the importance of forgiveness.

A page turner and a good read. A story of redemption through love.

An inspirational and intriguing read, with a thought-provoking moral undertone. Highly recommended.

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Reviews of: To the End of the Day

What a lovely and well-written book. I don’t normally write reviews, but felt that with her first novel that Eve Bonham has done a marvellous job. I hope that she will write more novels in the future. The rather wistful beginning draws you in to the lives of four people set within the space of 24 hours. The two women are the main players having been friends since childhood. It is fascinating to see how their lives have run sometimes in parallel and how their meetings during that time lead to various emotions and actions. This book really draws you in to their world. A great read.

A moving and thought-provoking book exploring the relationship between Anna, a writer and Lizzie an actress who have been lifelong friends and as close as sisters. This would be a wonderful book club read with it’s many themes to discuss and explore. I found it difficult to put down and look forward to Eve’s next novel.

This is a sensitive book, warm, unusual and difficult to put down. Eve Bonham draws her characters beautifully and she manages to mix sadness with humour, and also to make you contemplate about the frailty of existence.

This perceptive and empathetic telling of a story of female friendship which takes place over a 24 hour period engages the reader form start to finish. The distinctly middle class voices of Anna and Lizzie are both convincing and compelling. We are treated to a characterisation of the two which is full of warmth, honesty and acute observation. The intimate details of the women’s lives are made all the more realistic because they do not always sit comfortably with our expectations. The portrayal of their men folk also works well. The various episodes of the unfolding day are sufficiently varied to provide pace and keep the story moving in sometimes unexpected directions. I found the walk around the hillside gripping- very atmospheric with a slow build up of tension and sinister foreboding. A very good read which I thoroughly recommend.

An engaging and very human novel about the complex and at times tumultuous friendship between Anna and Lizzie. Over the course of one day the reader is taken on a journey of their lives; exploring their enduring friendship which can be both joyous and disastrous. But what will happen this time?
An elegant, engaging and thought-provoking read which I thoroughly recommend to all. A story to read and enjoy again and again. A fascinating and interesting read which develops over time to a shocking conclusion.

Female Friendship. A close up look at the intertwining lives of two women and their men. An interesting and detailed observation of lives and loves, friends and events. Some characters were easier to like than others – just like life! A story that draws you along right to the end. A good read.

This book is clearly very well written, very sad at times and should certainly not be skimmed through, as its nuances and insights into the lives of two lifetime friends could easily be missed. A very moving book about friendship, love, jealousy and facing death.

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Madness Lies and Other Stories

A thought-provoking and diverse collection of sixteen short stories. Themes of love, friendship and travel are explored through quirky characters and entertaining encounters. Each story provides an adventure into a different setting, situation, country or character. An extremely enjoyable book, elegantly written and refreshingly individual. A much recommended buy.

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