Here are some recent reviews of my latest novel: ‘The Lost Journey Homeward’, published in June by Onwards & Upwards in Hardback (£16.99), Paperback (£9.99) and eBook (£5.99). The book also has a number of reviews posted by readers on Amazon.

Extract from the Book Review in Blandford Forum Focus, by Zoe Carter:

“….Eve Bonham displays a deep intuitive understanding of all manner of complex personalities, and how they intertwine to reflect the intricacies of modern familial bonds. This book helps to illuminate the human condition in a way that is both real and exciting to read and never shies away from some of the more negative aspects of life. The book reminds us that letting go of the past, looking forward and truly forgiving are things that we should prioritize in life. A delightful read which will surprise and reward you, promising a more enlightened and positive approach to the future.”

Autumn 2015:
Extract from Book Reviews in the quarterly magazine The Woman Writer, by Val Dunmore

“An intriguing story that holds the reader to the absolute end; this is a thriller but also a story about the trials of a family trying to make its way in the modern world… As the story progresses, we are introduced to several unpleasant characters who seem bent on causing the family harm. There is a sinister element lurking throughout the book causing intrigue. Eve keeps us in suspense right up to the end when all is revealed with a quite unexpected twist. The characters are well-drawn and encourage the reader to want more information about their complicated lives. A thoroughly fascinating read.”

From an Online Review in Good Reads posted by Helen Baggot, who gave my book 4 stars:-

“… The plot itself is interwoven with unspoken threat. Kate’s acquaintances bring with them a cloud of foreboding…. David’s dreams of career success seem thwarted. And what of their father? Theo is a man with a past, a man who loves his family beyond all else and will do everything to ensure they know have his unconditional love. The reader understands what creates those threats and it’s almost like watching a cat playing with a mouse as we witness the taunting of a family. I found the characters compelling and was especially drawn to Theo and his resilience. This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book.”

Extract from monthly Conduit Magazine in Books for Christmas, by Francesca Dening

“Full of well-written and convincing characters ‘The Lost Journey Homeward’ by Eve Bonham, is a complex and compelling family saga with a thought-provoking moral undertone and sibling rivalry. A brother and sister, living in different countries find their lives spiralling out of control. They are looking for love but finding disaster. … This book is published by Onwards and Upwards at £9.99.”