Free Friday is the one day each week when there is no employee, contractor or part-timer working at our home either in the office or on the land.  My ‘other half’ and I savour not having to get up early to kick-start our day with them.

We like to stay in bed a bit longer to read – a book, magazine or yesterday’s newspaper. He always gets morning tea for us and brings it upstairs. Sometimes instead of reading we discuss politics, the natural world or beliefs – our minds are clear and discursive in the morning. But sometimes we just sit side by side – brains in neutral, contentedly looking out of the window at the countryside.

This morning, as I sat contemplating the view, my beloved closed his eyes and had a doze. I could feel his hand resting on my hip and hear his quiet breath. The aches and pains that arrive during an active day were blissfully absent. (I accept that age is a condition from which none of us can recover). Putting aside the cares of life, the distress in the world, and thoughts of things to be done, I felt, for a few minutes, much loved and at peace.

I am still curious and still hopeful. What a blessing!