Free Friday

Free Friday is the one day each week when there is no employee, contractor or part-timer working at our home either in the office or on the land.  My ‘other half’ and I savour not having to get up early [...]

By |2024-04-24T15:31:45+01:0012th April 2024|Life, Personal|

Light-Bulb Moment

I lost my balance recently. Few of us care to admit having problems with mobility until it becomes obvious. I started falling over a lot. Luckily I’m expert at falling without hurting myself (I used to do ‘pratfalls’ as my [...]

By |2023-12-29T12:56:35+00:0030th June 2023|Life, Personal|

Passing the Spratly Islands

Over 50 years ago, I was living in SE Asia. When on leave from my teaching job in Thailand, I used to travel around the neighbouring countries. In 1970, I bought an inexpensive airline ticket with five destinations, one of [...]

By |2024-04-23T22:26:56+01:006th February 2023|Life, Personal|
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