My Weekly:  29.3.22   Week 181   Jane Corry’s Diary of a Modern Gran

Grandparent of the Week – Eve, from Dorset

Eve and her husband have four grandchildren, aged 6, 4, 2 and 6 months. The children live in Africa with their parents.

“We last saw our grandchildren last December.  It was the first time we’d all spent Christmas together so it was emotional but wonderful. Our daughter-in-law’s parents joined us too. We did the pantomime, a steam train ride, stockings – the whole Christmas thing!

“When they went back in early January, it was like a physical blow. We won’t be seeing them again until April next year.

Thank goodness for What’s App! Reception is poor because they are in a remote area but we exchange photos, audios and videos. I often send them pictures of famous paintings and say what I like about it as well as pointing out something that I think they would find interesting. Then they tell me what they like about the painting.

“They also love reading – books are particularly important as they don’t have access to a TV or radio. I’ve written them tales about animals and I’m planning on making a video story.

“I’ve also written an adult novel called Dear Magpies about a grandmother searching for her long-lost grandchildren who have disappeared on the other side of the world. Her search for them has stolen her peace of mind. In a way, this has helped me to cope with the long wait between each visit from my own grandchildren.

“My husband and I also keep in touch with the other grandparents. We get on very well and we met up recently for the weekend. It’s tough on them too so we support each other.”

Dear Magpies by Eve Bonham is published by SilverWood Books. Available from bookshops and online.


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