Welcome to the Next Stage of Life

A few days ago, I retired from work - my final occupation, my last job.   I had orchestrated my exit, set everything in order and handed responsibility over - it all felt quite satisfying.  I received a few cards and [...]

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Green is Good for You

May has been glorious.  I love my garden at this time of the year - it's so green, so overgrown, so soothing.  I am reminded of Andrew Marvell's wonderful poem: 'The Garden'.  Here is my favourite stanza which echos my [...]

By |2019-06-03T18:08:35+01:0030th May 2019|Life, Poetry|

A Sunday Poem

This is the first Sunday in December and a poem beckons.  I decide to read one of my favourites: ‘Sunday Morning’ by the American poet, Wallace Stevens.  This poem was published in 1915 when the poet was 36. It is [...]

By |2019-02-04T19:12:17+00:002nd December 2018|Poetry|

October – a Time for Reflection

A week ago was my Birthday and I spent it travelling to Elba, an island of the coast of Italy, to attend a wedding. The day was a transition not only from one country to another but also from a [...]

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