Here are five reasons why I write fiction:

  1. Because I love stories and storytelling.
  2. Because creating believable characters is a challenge.
  3. Because I am fascinated by the human heart and mind.
  4. Because I love words, language, learning and communicating.
  5. Because for me writing is compulsive and I just have to do it!

I believe that stories created with imagination and sound research often illuminate the human condition more powerfully than non-fiction.  But writers have a duty to their audience – their job is to intrigue the readers of their books and give them a satisfying emotional experience. The writer is a manipulator and should aim to create tension and curiosity in the reader, and to give pleasure from the freshness and precision in their use of words and images.

But readers are vital too.  We need you to give our occupation meaning. Without readers a writer does not fulfil his purpose and we all hope for a wide readership of our books.  I love reading too. I happen to prefer reading books by holding them in my hand and turning the pages.  I like the rustle of this action and the excitement that comes from throwing my eyes on each new crisp white page and wondering what it will bring.

However I have no problems with electronic books and if this method of reading pleases people, and they find it more convenient, then that’s great.  Certainly e-book readers are less cumbersome than printed books, and the typeface can be adjusted in size, and many books stored in one small compact item. E-book reading appeals to young and old so I’m all for it.  Anything that encourages people to read has to be a good thing.

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