A year ago I wrote about being longlisted for a Short Story Competition. Well, things are looking up! This summer I find my that my story: “I Spy with my Little Eye” has been shortlisted for a Literary Prize. I won’t tempt fate by mentioning which one – but I’ll know if I’ve got any further by mid September! Watch this space…. I do love creating short stories – they’re such a stimulating diversion from the long slog of writing a book. An idea suddenly slides into my head and I have to capture it on paper while it’s fresh. Then I can work on it at leisure and perhaps the story doesn’t get finished until much later. If I think it’s good enough, I might submit it to a competition. But best of all, I just want people to read and enjoy it. Later on, I won Highly Commended and subsequently my story was included in an Anthology of Short Stories.