4XF#7 Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

“You gotta slow down, Gozo.” Regina’s face was pale as she gripped the dashboard. “You just went through a red light. That’s illegal.”

Gonzalo laughed, “I gave myself permission.”

“One day they’ll catch you floutin’ the law like that.”

“No chance. My wheels don’t touch the ground.”

The car was hurtling down the highway.

“You’re way over the speed limit – it frightens me.”

“We can’t go through life at a snail’s pace, Gina. I live by hard and fast rules – I play hard and I drive fast.” He swerved into the overtaking lane, cutting in front of a truck.

She glanced back, “He’s shakin’ his fist at you.”

The cars ahead were slowing down and Gonzalo began to brake, swearing under his breath. Regina looked around anxiously, “Where are we? This ain’t the way to the motel.”

“I ain’t goin’ back. We’re movin’ on.”

“Oh no, Gozo, not again,” she wailed. “I don’t wanna leave all my pretty things behind.”

“I’ll buy you new ones.”

“Why don’t we ever stay in one place?” Regina sniffed back the tears.

“I’m a rolling stone that gathers no moss.”

“What’s wrong with moss? It’s soft, green and it stays put.”

“But I don’t.” The congestion cleared and they surged forward. “I leave the past behind and take the road ahead.”

“But you managed to pick up your kit – I can see it on the back seat.”

“I left my things behind too. The bag contains our future – which might be lookin’ rosy, right now.”

This infuriated Regina, who knew he had nothing but his wits to live on, “Yeah! Pigs might fly!”

“You have no trust,” he said in an injured tone. “I’ve been workin’ today.”

“What were you doin’, Gozo, before you picked me up?”

“I was engaged in a money-making enterprise.” He took one hand off the wheel to stroke her thigh. “I’m on the fast track to success.”

Ignoring this, she asked resentfully, “Why insist I stand by the road outside the salon to meet you? You was ten minutes late and my new hair-do is blown to bits.”

“You look beautiful.” His fingers slid further up her thigh and his foot touched the brake.

Regina grabbed his misbehaving hand and placed it back on the wheel. “You keep your eyes on the road.”

Gonzalo sighed theatrically, “But, woman, you drive me mad with desire.”

Regina bent down to pick something up from under her seat. “It seems I’m not the only one,” she hissed as she brandished the nylon stocking in his face.

“You are so damned suspicious. I bought that to disguise my face because…” He stopped, his ears attuned to a faint siren coming from way behind them. “Hold on tight”, he shouted, stamping on the accelerator. The car leapt forward.

“Why drive at this insane speed?” Her voice shook with rage.

“Because, Gina,” Gonzalo exploded, “you don’t hang about when you’ve just robbed a bank!”