Flash Fiction

Back in September 2013 Eve started to write Flash Fiction and decided to post them on the first Friday of each month starting in October that year.   You may ask ‘What is Flash Fiction?’ Sometimes known as micro fiction, it is a term often used to describe a short story of less than 500 words. Eve was intrigued by this pared-down form of storytelling where every word must count. Since then she has written 20 of these stories which have been posted on the first Friday of each month with the most recent in May 2015.   Full of humour and insight, they will entertain and startle the reader.

So what is 4XF#1? The answer is First Friday Flash Fiction number 1. They take only 5 minutes to read, so browse around and choose.   Each story has a small picture which will lead you into the stories themselves. Click on the photograph.