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New Title chosen

I have been working for a few weeks on trying to find an alternative title for my completed new novel. For a long while, the working title has been ‘Children of Theo’. Onwards and Upwards Publishers are to publish the book, but a better title was needed. I have come up with one that suits the story perfectly – ‘The Lost Journey Homeward’. I am happy to say that Luke, my publisher, likes the title too and we have decided to go for it. The book will be published in a few months’ time.

My Novel as an E-Book – Free!

Just published: my novel “To the End of the Day” about a troubled friendship (published in hardback in summer 2011) is now available as an eBook in a Kindle Edition from Amazon. Price £4.50/$6.99. Here is the link:- But you can download it for FREE during the 5-day launch promotion next week. This free download is available from Thursday 3rd September until Monday 9th September. So if you haven’t already read it, do enjoy my book in its eBook form. Summer holiday over, I’m now back at work … writing.


A year ago I wrote about being longlisted for a Short Story Competition. Well, things are looking up! This summer I find my that my story: “I Spy with my Little Eye” has been shortlisted for a Literary Prize. I won’t tempt fate by mentioning which one – but I’ll know if I’ve got any further by mid September! Watch this space…. I do love creating short stories – they’re such a stimulating diversion from the long slog of writing a book. An idea suddenly slides into my head and I have to capture it on paper while it’s fresh. Then I can work on it at leisure and perhaps the story doesn’t get finished until much later. If I think it’s good enough, I might submit it to a competition. But best of all, I just want people to read and enjoy it. Later on, I won Highly Commended and subsequently my story was included in an Anthology of Short Stories.


I was in Salisbury at a writer’s lunch a couple of days ago and I won first prize in the Limerick Competition – we had all submitted limericks on the subject of Christmas. I was duly presented with the Chocolate Orange Prize for Limerickture (which we promptly ate!).  Here is my modest effort:-

A journalist with copy to write
Worked all though a cold Christmas night.
Bereft of ideas,
She burst into tears
But found words on seeing the Light.

Talking about Books

I was in London on Thursday 14th July at a lunch at the Society of Authors in Drayton Gardens.  It’s always good to natter with other writers –  stimulating and helpful, though often humbling!  Afterwards I had a 20 minute live slot on RTE (Radio Talk Europe) with Hannah Murray on their Book Programme – which was fun.  In the evening on the way home to Dorset, I went to the Writer’s Village supper in the New Forest – where some of us read out extracts from work in progress which were then discussed.