The Rest is Silence

I’ve been taking some time out from working on my new book to finish a short story.  The original idea came from a short-lived attempt by me to give up speaking for Lent! It was hilarious – I had to resort to whispering.  I got very hoarse and abandoned the foolish plan within a week.  It set me thinking that it might make an amusing story – and ‘The Rest is Silence’ was the result. I’m happy with it and may submit it to a Short Story Competition, the deadline for which is the end of this month.  And now, back to my book which makes steady if slow progress.

Going International!

I have just heard from my publisher that they have sold the publishing rights to my novel in Poland.  So it seems that my book, and also the eBook, will be on sale next year in the Polish language.  “To the End of the Day” is going international!  Great.  There is to be an advance against royalties and here’s hoping that my publishers sell rights to my book in other countries too!

Talking about Books

I was in London on Thursday 14th July at a lunch at the Society of Authors in Drayton Gardens.  It’s always good to natter with other writers –  stimulating and helpful, though often humbling!  Afterwards I had a 20 minute live slot on RTE (Radio Talk Europe) with Hannah Murray on their Book Programme – which was fun.  In the evening on the way home to Dorset, I went to the Writer’s Village supper in the New Forest – where some of us read out extracts from work in progress which were then discussed.

London Book Launch

A book launch party has been arranged to celebrate the publication of my new book “To the End of the Day” by Book Guild.  It will be on Tuesday 24th May, two days before the actual publication date, and is to be held at Montpelier Galleries in Knightsbridge by kind permissionof Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers.  This is where I used to work and conduct auctions some years back. Familiar territory!  Lots of friends are coming so it should be fun.

Change of Title

The title of my novel “A Day on the Fast Track” to be published next spring has been changed to “To the End of the Day”.  I came up with this after lots of discussion.  It more accurately reflects the story and the atmosphere of  the book.  Making progress with the production team – work has been done on the front cover jacket design, and the first proofs of the book came through on 5th November.  I’ve done the necessary corrections and sent back. Final proofs to come early in the new year.

MS Sent Off

On 5th May I sent off the Manuscript of my novel “Fast Track” to a number of publishers that I met at the London Book Fair last month and who showed interest.  It felt a bit like sending my child off into the outside world to fend for itself.

Time for Michael

I’ve managed to finish the revision on my book – it’s taken a while.  Hopefully now I’ll have time to talk to my husband! I plan to target some publishers to whom I can show it.  I long ago gave up the impossible task of trying to find a literary agent!  I think I’ll go to the London Book Fair later this month to check out potential publishers. Right now – for a change  – I’m embarking on a couple of short stories.  One is called ‘Sorry’ and the other ‘I Can’t Find my Wife.’  ‘Watching’ is a story I wrote towards the end of last year and I got the idea for it from Shakespeare’s song, ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’.

All about Eve

The August issue of DORSET Magazine has a feature article about me with photographs entitled “ALL ABOUT EVE”,  in which  “Round the world yachtswoman, auctioneer, teacher, mother Eve Bonham tells us how settling in Dorset inspired her to write.”   See

A Long Haul

Just returned from a restful holiday in the sun, I am full of plans and ideas for my next novel. The working title is “The Search” and, having evolved themes and characters and a story-line, I have begun writing.  Creating a book takes time (my first novel took two years)  and this book may be an ‘epic’ so I knows I’m in for a ‘long haul’, but I’m enthusiastic about the new project and always enjoy the process of telling a story, putting words on the page, and building a book.

Christmas Cracker

On Wednesday, 3rd December, I will be in Dorchester in Dorset at Waterstones ‘Christmas Cracker’ evening shopping event 6 – 9pm, with other local authors at a signing and book promotion. Next week I’ll be at a book promotional event with local authors at Huckleberry’s Bookshop in Salisbury Street at Blandford Forum in Dorset, during their special Christmas late-night shopping evening in the town.